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Lasting Charm Article by Dick Cooper

This 5 page article was published in the July 2017 copy of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine. A great review of the histor

March 21, 2022  |  Read More
B40 Centerboard Mechanism

Ever wondered how the worm gear works on a Bermuda 40? This article/presentation attempts to explain how it operates.

March 8, 2022  |  Read More
B40 Brochure – 1973

This is a copy of an older Bermuda 40 brochure from the archives.

  |  Read More
Redoing The Deck House

We redid the deck house while the mast was out.

December 24, 2020  |  Read More
Cleaning The Fuel Tank

I removed the fuel tank for cleaning. To do it properly, an access port had to be cut above each chamber due to the baffles.

December 23, 2020  |  Read More
Loading And Offloading My B40 From a Ship

Here are photos of the B40 being loaded and offloaded from a ship.

December 22, 2020  |  Read More
Arranging My Two Super 8D House Batteries

I have two super 8D house batteries. One was in each cockpit locker to balance out the weight (200 lbs each)

December 21, 2020  |  Read More
Does Anyone Know The Purpose Of The Bronze Plates?

Does anyone know the purpose of the bronze plates on the forward edge

December 20, 2020  |  Read More
Painting The Topsides And Boot Stripe

Painting the topsides and boot stripe

December 19, 2020  |  Read More
Shaft Fitting

Shaft fitting

December 18, 2020  |  Read More
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